My Previous Experience Gives Me My Unique Edge

I started specializing in workers’ comp claims in 2010. This decision was the result of a six year career evolution that started with my first job after graduating from John Marshall Law School in 2004.

I started practicing law at a large law firm with offices throughout California, and it was my first introduction to personal injury cases. It was also where I got my feet wet learning about litigation and everything that entails. Although most of my work was taking depositions from injured clients in the personal injury sector of the firm, I quickly realized something about myself. I had a more intimate, non-intimidating style that put my clients at ease to open up with more concrete, more comprehensive responses. I instilled a feeling of trust. I was not the hard-edged, straight-laced, starched-shirt attorney they thought they’d be talking to when they had to visit a lawyer’s office, sometimes for the first time.

After four years with this big California firm, I decided to go for the gold and move up to a full-fledged global law firm, with offices literally throughout the country and the world. You name the law specialty and they had attorneys who handled it. I worked with that organization for about a year and although I learned a lot, I disliked the hierarchy and the impersonal nature of the litigation.

But one important lesson I did learn from my experience in these large law firms was how to maneuver through insurance company roadblocks.

I Discovered Heart was More Important Than Gold

In 2010 I changed jobs again and brought my experience to The Law Offices of Leon Reich, a small firm that practiced the type of law that was more in line with my own way of thinking. Leon specialized in helping injured employees with their workers’ comp cases. That was his only specialty, and it became mine. Leon had heart. He cared about his clients more than his clients’ money. His mindset was the polar opposite of where I had been. I felt like I was at home.

I became his Associate Attorney and was involved in every aspect of workers’ comp cases. My responsibilities included:

  • Participating in client interviews and depositions
  • Strategizing the litigation plans
  • Communicating with other attorneys
  • Overseeing the medical reviews
  • Maneuvering through and around insurance companies
  • Presenting cases in front of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

I was hooked on this workers’ comp specialty, and intended to continue working with Leon for as long as I was able. I worked with Leon until he passed away.

Daniel Hegwer. Experience Expertise and Empathy for Employees Injured on the Job

I learned well from Leon Reich and was obsessed with following my heart. I opened The Law Offices of Daniel Hegwer in 2012, continuing in Leon’s tradition. My goal is to help all employees who are injured on the job. It’s as simple as that. I have a genuine interest in helping people, getting them proper medical treatment, getting them back to work, and getting them the financial benefits they deserve.

This is how my ten years of legal experience comes into play:

  • I understand how insurance companies think, so I can strategize about how to approach them and how to maneuver through the roadblocks I know they will constantly put before us.
  • I know the corporate mindset, and how to work around and through corporate hierarchy.
  • I am familiar with all the stages of litigation and how to present my case to win a positive judgment before the Workers’ Compensation Review Board.

In essence, my main goal is to work in your best interest to help you maximize the benefits you deserve. I will work with you regarding your medical treatment. I’ll help you find the right doctors, physical therapy, home care, specialists, pain management consultants, even psychological care, if needed. I am familiar with all aspects of the medical world and I’ll do whatever I can to increase your quality of life.

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