Your Attorney in Marin Specializing in Workers’ Comp Cases

Many workers’ comp attorneys in the SF Bay Area fill their practice with a variety of other specialties, such as personal injury or Social Security Disability. We specialize exclusively in workers’ compensation cases. That’s all we do. That’s all we’ve ever done for five years.

We do absolutely the best we can to get you your fair share, whether it’s money in your pocket, medical payments from insurance companies, the correct and most effective medical treatment, the proper time off to recuperate, or a combination of those.


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We Help All Employees, in All Occupations, in Every Industry

Our main goal is to assist every injured employee to gain the best therapeutic and financial benefits from workers’ comp insurance. We have deep experience dealing with insurance companies and we know exactly how to maneuver through and around the roadblocks those companies will always throw at us. And, if we’re still not satisfied with those results, we know what to say and how to present our facts to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board that will hear and judge your workers’ comp case.

Our client base includes employees in a variety of occupations in most every industry. Construction, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, health care, hospitality, health and fitness, schools and offices, and all forms of agriculture, including farming, wineries, forestry, and fishing. In fact, we represent employees from any industry who have any business-related work injury. No one is left out. And we speak Spanish and English.